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Welcome to the Unlimited Newsletter...

Happy New Year! This issue of the Unlimited Newsletter is about cleansing both your body and mind to help prepare you for the year ahead. You have a purpose. Your work, and also the way you live your life, are a part of what you're put on this earth to do.

If you have ever considered working with a coach, I want you to know it can be a life-changing experience. I believe so strongly in the work I do that I'd like to offer you a FREE 25 minute intro coaching session for the month of January. If you have a friend or colleague you think would benefit from coaching, I would also offer this special deal to them. 

During this FREE introductory session, you will find out more about my Whole Life Management coaching and how it can revitalize your life/career and the lives of leaders at your organization. This session will allow you to share the issues you are facing and start to look at what you want to begin to shift. And then a big part of coaching is to help you take action on getting what you want.

To book your FREE coaching session, email me to set up an appointment at

Enjoy the ride!

Carey-Ann Oestreicher
Chief Engagement Officer
Potential Unlimited


Drink Your Way To A Promotion!

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The human body is made up of about 60 per cent water. We all know drinking water is important for our health. But, did you know it can have a substantial impact on the work you do?

Every day you lose between 2.5 to 3 litres of water automatically (and if you add exercise to the mix, you are losing even more when you sweat). That is equivalent to six of those 500 ml bottles of water you are losing from your body each day!

Consider the impact water has on your work performance. If you are not drinking about 12 glasses of water (or caffeine-free tea or fresh juice (although watch the sugar in juices)), you are dehydrated.

By the time your brain sends the signal that you are thirsty to prompt you to respond by reaching for a drink, you are already dehydrated to the point of experiencing a decline in mental and physical performance by up to 10 per cent. That is massive! Read more.

Make 2014 the Year to Say "More is Less!"Image2

I challenge you to make your New Year's Resolutions around taking things away from your life. Don't add more commitments to your already busy life, take them away!

I believe one of the main reasons so many New Year's resolutions fail is not because of the lack of desire to make changes, but because of the time and energy constraints. So by taking away extra 'clutter' in your life, I think you will find you actually accomplish your goals without putting the focus on them. Read more.

Quote of the Day:
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin, author


Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher (pronounced O-striker), Chief Engagement Officer for Potential Unlimited, works with individuals and companies to help them reach their full potential.

Nominated as one of Canada's Most Powerful 100 Women, Carey-Ann has held a variety of senior positions including vice-president level and she has worked in industries such as: financial services, automotive and transportation, publishing, cosmetics and fashion.

Carey-Ann's media appearances include CTV's Canada AM, Global TV's Survivor series, CBC NewsWorld, TSN. She has also been quoted in numerous publications such as The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine and Canadian Business magazines.

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