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I am happy to say I'm now 70 per cent done writing my book, which is a guide to help busy people tune into their gut instinct for greater success.

Although, my gut instinct is telling me I am still missing an important story to include within this book. As such, I am calling out to you. If you have ever felt that you listened to your gut instinct and it led you to success or that you should have listened to it as you ended up in an unfortunate situation, I want to hear from you.

Please send your story with as many details as possible to by November 5, 2012. My team of test readers will review all submissions and the chosen story will be featured in my book. The person whose story is chosen will also receive a free coaching session with me as a special thank you for sharing your experience to help others.

Enjoy the ride!

Carey-Ann Oestreicher
Chief Engagement Officer
Potential Unlimited


My 'Call on Me' Initiative - In Memory of Amanda Todd

If you haven't heard the story of Amanda Todd featured all over the news recently, it is a tragic one. This girl, a Grade 7 student at the time, made the judgement in error of photographing her chest on a dare from friends. Well, as you can imagine the photo was circulated and she suffered a great deal of shame. To make matters worse, a cyberspace bully got a hold of the photo and used it to relentless taunt her for years. She felt she couldn't escape the shame. She eventually made the decision to end her life.

After hearing Amanda's story, I felt a deep sense of sadness. I think about my own young daughters and the struggles they will face as they grow. I reflect upon times in my life when I was bullied and treated poorly by others. I remember days not wanting to go to school because I was so scared of the 'mean kids' there. Read more.


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Top Ten Tips For Staying in Shape While on the Road

Don't leave your health and wellness up in the air. I invite you to read one of my latest magazine articles with tips for you. Read more.

Today's Thought: The secret of getting ahead is getting started. (Sally Berger)


Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher (pronounced O-striker), Chief Engagement Officer for Potential Unlimited, works with individuals and companies to help them reach their full potential.

Nominated as one of Canada's Most Powerful 100 Women, Carey-Ann has held a variety of senior positions including vice-president level and she has worked in industries such as: financial services, automotive and transportation, publishing, cosmetics and fashion.

Carey-Ann's media appearances include CTV's Canada AM, Global TV's Survivor series, CBC NewsWorld, TSN. She has also been quoted in numerous publications such as The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine and Canadian Business magazines.

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