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Welcome to the Unlimited Newsletter...

To me, September is like a second New Year. Thanks to some much-needed vacation over the summer and quality time spent with loved ones, many of us feel like our batteries are recharged. We're ready to take on the world! And I know for many of my clients' companies, this time of year marks the beginning of the fourth quarter so the pressure is on to deliver and try to exceed results expectations.

As much as you may be inclined to power through your work, I caution you to slow down and use your focus. Plan what you want to accomplish, allowing some flexibility for the items that invariably arise. Don't try to do everything in one day. Too many days like that and you'll be burnt out by the end of the month.

This month's edition of The Unlimited Newsletter features an article with tips on how to best utilize the energy you are feeling after the summer and make it last. Remember, life and work are like marathons not sprints. I want you to go the distance in both areas with great success!

Enjoy the ride!

Carey-Ann Oestreicher
Chief Engagement Officer
Potential Unlimited


Set Yourself Up for Success NOW!

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Were you feeling energized after the summer, but notice that some of that 'feel good' feeling is already starting to drain from your life? Remember, you may be great but you are not Superwoman (or guys, Superman!) This is a great opportunity to sit back and start to plan out what you want this Fall (and in your life going forward) to look like, both at work and at home.

Whenever we take breaks, like you may have done over the summer, it opens us up to new perspectives and we become more in touch with our greater potential. Use this to your advantage and take a look at how you can lead more effectively and enjoy a fulfilling life.

I would like to share Potential Unlimited's Top 10 Tips for Setting Yourself Up for Success! Read more

The Seagull Who Taught Me About Letting Go.Image2

The beach is my favourite place on earth. There is something about being near the water that makes me feel alive and inspires me to be at my best. This past summer, my family rented a cottage from a good friend of mine. Ah, seven days of relaxation. I could hardly wait! But, I believe there was a deeper lesson for me at this cottage beyond just the benefit of relaxation.

One day at the cottage, it poured rain. When it stopped, my three-year old daughter and I went for a walk on the beach. I watched her jump in the puddles and pick seashells. Then she stopped abruptly and a sad look crossed her face. She pointed to a seagull sitting on the shoreline. We walked closer and I could tell this seagull was in a lot of pain. The bird looked at us mournfully and repeatedly cocked its head up and opened its beak as if to make a noise, but nothing came out Read more.

Quote of the Day:
"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence- is the key to unlocking our potential." Winston Churchill


Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher (pronounced O-striker), Chief Engagement Officer for Potential Unlimited, works with individuals and companies to help them reach their full potential.

Recipient of Top 40 Under Forty Award and Nominated as one of Canada's Most Powerful 100 Women, Carey-Ann has held a variety of senior positions including vice-president level and she has worked in industries such as: financial services, automotive and transportation, publishing, cosmetics and fashion.

Carey-Ann's media appearances include CTV's Canada AM, Global TV's Survivor series, CBC NewsWorld, TSN. She has also been quoted in numerous publications such as The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine and Canadian Business magazines.

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